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Sunday. A day to have endless breakfast, time for each other. A day to make soup, bake cake, take a walk in the woods. But also a day to spend in your finest pajamas in bed, while the oven does its job.

In this beautiful book, with pictures by Hanke Arkenbout, Mireille and Arno (authors of Limonade) from The Holy Kauw Company share their best recipes for a perfect Sunday. With recipes such as cinnamon rolls with blueberries (which you let the children make while you sleep in), homemade pizza with artichokes, TV dinners with chickpea balls and the tastiest risotto for Christmas dinner.

‘Sunday’ is a perfect gift for the relaxed cook or a treat for yourself.


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This Dutch book was published in September 2018 by publishing company Snor.

The paperback book measures 27.8 by 21,6 cm and holds 144 pages.


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