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Waxbar Anti-Insects

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Paju Design is the contemporary Belgian brand that makes original and stylish indoor and outdoor candles. Paju Design is not in the habit of adding insect repellent fragrances to its outdoor candles. Therefore, they developed these insect repellent bars of natural wax, including 25% perfume for a real scent boost.

Turn your outdoor candle into a mosquito or wasp repellent whenever you want!


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  • Contents: one waxbar of 16 x 19 x 1 cm (contains 24 pieces)
  • Burning time: 24 hours
    • Odour Nella (anti-mosquitoes): citronella
    • Odour Bean (anti wasps): coffee beans

Method of use: Break off one or two pieces (depending on the size of your candle) and place them next to the wick when you light the candle. The wax will melt and mix into the wax of your Paju Design candle and give it the insect repellent boost you need. Keep adding pieces for further use or just stop using and the scent will gradually diminish.

From €14.50

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