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This is the backrest for the POND bench. These POND benches by VONK radiate a breathtaking simplicity. The robust and sober design is what defines this collection. Honest and durable materials that can withstand any weather throughout the year, Belgian design at it finest. Take note that this product is the backrest only, buy the bench itself here.

Some tips for combining your bench and backrest. The backrests are always smaller than the benches you combine it with: backrest 100 combines nicely with bench 120-180, backrest 160 with bench 180-240 and backrest 220 with bench 240-300.
Also available in specific finishes and colors upon request. Ask about it in 1 of our stores.

This item can be admired in our Antwerp store. Take extra shipping costs into account due to its size.


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100: l 100 cm x h 31 cm
: l 160 cm x h 31 cm
: l 220 cm x h 31 cm


High quality Iroko Wood. (Durability class I-II)
Powder coated steel, available in all RAL-colors upon request.

Extra finishes:

Seaside quality: special protection against salt corrosion
Wood protector
More finishes available upon request.

From €320.00

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