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Vetsak Beanbag Large

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The original beanbag, known for its unprecedented comfort. You have never lounged like this before.

The magic of a Vetsak is that it embraces your whole body and gives you a unique feeling of floating on a cloud. Our durable inner pockets are surrounded by unique, super soft fabrics, high quality covers, filled with upcycled memory foam flakes. All Vetsak covers are interchangeable, machine washable and designed to fit seamlessly into real life. With our 5-year quality guarantee, you can shake your beanbag and sink into your vetsak comfortably again and again.

The large beanbag measures 140 cm and is perfect for two adults (and a small child or pet), in larger spaces. It fits perfectly in a spacious living room, a large bedroom, home cinema, open-plan office, shared workspace, hotel lobby, university library or school reading area, exhibition stand, you name it.

All Vetsak covers are made of high quality, unique fabrics that are interchangeable, machine washable and designed for real life. Melt away in silky Velvet, in a variety of timeless shades that stay soft, wash after wash.


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The large beanbag by Vetsak (size 140 x 90 cm) is available in 5 different fabrics, each of which is available in a wide range of colours.

The different fabrics are:

Velvet (available in the colours Creme, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Caramel, Mint, Violet, Peach, Stone and Lime)

Cord Velours (available in the colours Platinum, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Sand, Khaki, Terracotta and Duck Egg)

Flokati (available in Grey and Beige)

Faux Fur (available in Grey and Beige)

Outdoor (available in Creme, Stone, Grey and Terracotta).

From €569.00

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