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Vetsak Sofa Outdoor


The vetsak sofa modules are modular in design and can be combined in countless ways. Mix & match fabrics and sizes, and snap in extra modules and sides to maximise the Sofa's use.

With four modules you can form a sofa, or an extra large lounge area, two separate sofas, or a lounger with a separate, soft island on which you can throw books or put your feet up and much more. Don't worry, you can always add more modules, change the arrangement and adjust colours and covers as your life changes.

Hate building up furniture? We do too. That's why we've designed a sofa to avoid frustration in every possible way. Assembly is super easy and effortless, because every part clicks, snaps and just fits together. No tools, no screws, no crying, no staring at unpacked boxes for months on end, or you know, normal furniture assembly work. It's absolute comfort, in just a few easy steps.

All vetsak covers are made of high quality, unique fabrics that are interchangeable, machine washable and designed for real life. Snuggle up in the insanely soft, vintage-inspired retro Cord Velour, in a variety of timeless shades that stay soft, wash after wash.


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The cost of the outdoor sofa varies per module & fabric,

Side module starting from: Small € 449 - Large € 499

Medium module starting from: Small € 749 - Medium € 849 - Large € 949



Size Sofa Module Large: 105 x 105 x 37 cm

Size Sofa Module Medium: 84 x 105 x 37 cm

Size Sofa Module Small: 84 x 84 x 37 cm

Size Sofa Module Side Large: 105 x 31.5 x 60 cm

Size Sofa Module Side Small: 84 x 31.5 x 60 cm

The outdoor sofa has a removable cover that is available in various colors and fabrics. They are waterproof and UV resistant.



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