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Vetsak Noodle Pillow

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Noodle is a versatile fan favourite and a perfect selfie partner. Like a neck pillow, it fits right between your head and shoulders. Noodle is the perfect complement to Pillow, Big Pillow & Jumbo Pillow. It is especially ideal for lounging outside or to take along to your next surf trip. It's also nice and comfortable for your lower back during long bus trips and for lazing around on while sunbathing or reading on the beach. Not to mention the fact that it looks great as an accessory on the sofa or beanbag.

Our breathable outdoor fabrics are resistant to water and sun, keeping the material looking like new. The high-quality, high-tech fibres are extremely durable and offer high resistance to ultraviolet bleaching.


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Format: 42 x 16 cm

From €59.00

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