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Very vintage


In 2013 Tim Mouling created a Facebook group called The Vintage Market. He wanted to create a platform to buy and sell everything vintage, but also a meeting place where both seasoned collectors and beginning vintage enthusiasts can find information and inspiration.

Today, The Vintage Market is a huge success, with more members than Tim could have imagined. For these members, and for everyone who loves vintage, there is now this book. Very Vintage is a source of inspiration: the interior reports show how many possibilities there are to integrate vintage into your home. After all, the houses in this book are just as diverse as their residents: some are collectors and fill their entire house with vintage; others opt for carefully selected vintage designer furniture in a tight framework.

Very Vintage is also a guide. Tim and Julie collected more than 200 addresses where you can find the best vintage items in Belgium and the Netherlands, from furniture and lamps to clothing and household goods, from certified design pieces from the 60s to authentic accessories that give your house that unique touch. In the lists you will also find barbers, restaurants and hotels where vintage sets the mood.


Delivery period: 4 weeks


This Dutch book was first published by Luster in May 2019.

The hardcover measures 17 by 24 cm and has 256 pages.


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