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Ugly Belgian houses

  • We all know that Belgians like their houses and that there is no arguing about tastes and colours. And so did the blogger Hannes Coudenys. 
  • He took photos of the strangest houses in Flanders for his blog "Ugly Belgian Houses". 
  • The story behind 50 of the ugliest houses is now told in this book.
  • Ugly Belgian houses has 176 pages and a hardcover.

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  • Gent – Hippoliet Lippensplein 22


Ugly houses and humorous quotes. This simple recipe by the blog Ugly Belgian Houses proved a real hit with readers. Everything started in 2001 when the author posted a photo of an architectural "fail". The outcome was a tsunami of likes and thousands of responses, both positive and negative. In fact, there were a lot of negative comments. The blogger Hannes Coudenys immediately realised that this concept was bound to get a conversation started, also because in Belgium almost everything is possible architecturally speaking. 

That is why he created this book. It is not just a collection of ugly houses, but also a reflection on the at times surreal urban planning and architecture in Belgium and the universal experience of beauty and ugliness. With contributions by Peter Swinnen, David Helbich (Belgian Solutions), Charles Holland (Fat Architecture), Bent Van Looy… 


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