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TRC ballpoint, fountain pen and pencil

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The BRASS trio of the Traveler's Company is a perfect addition to their Traveler's notebook.

The BRASS pencil consists of two parts, an upper brass part and a pencil part in a nickel plated cap. For pencils it is the perfect pencil enlarger, for all pencils that run too short for a good grip. The pencil is painted with a high gloss brown paint that, once scratched, shows the copper body underneath, something that gives your pencil its own personality.

Refills are available for this BRASS pencil, but every pencil of standard size can be combined perfectly with the holder.

The BRASS ballpoint pen, like the pencil, consists of two parts, one upper brass part and one handle in a nickel plated cap.

At the end of the Brass Pen there is a loop so you can hang it on a ring, a cord or a chain. When you get the pen out of the box, it is spotless and very shiny. As soon as you unpack it, it starts aging and building a unique own patina. Refills are also available for this BRASS ballpoint pen.

The BRASS fountain pen has a steel nib that has the 'Made in Japan' label and is, like the pencil and ballpoint pen, made by skilled Japanese professionals.


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The ballpoint pen is 1.1 cm in diameter and 9.7 cm long.

The pencil is 1.1 cm in diameter and 9.7 cm long. The HB pencils that come with it are 7.5 cm long.

The fountain pen has a soft steel nib size F (fine).

From €24.90

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