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Projectplanner To don't list


Do less instead of more! With this project planner it has never been so easy to focus on your goals.

There simply isn’t time to realise every brilliant idea and to execute every little task. So how do you decide what to do today and what you won't do? The To Don't List helps you make those choices, whether they concern your daily tasks, your new projects or even your professional or creative life.

Author and designer Donald Roos used the To Don't List concept a lot in his studio while brainstorming, developing new ideas or working on projects. In that way, he kept his focus on his goals. The To Don't List concept became a method and the method became the inspiration for writing Don't Read This Book. This planner / workbook is an addition othe To Don't family.


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This English project planner was published by Bis Publishers.

The planner measures 14 by 9 cm and has 200 pages.


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