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Time Machine

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Do you recognise the streets and squares in the Ghent/Antwerp of yesteryear? 

Tanguy Ottomer dove into the archives and selected 50 photos of the city of Ghent and Antwerp. Sometimes the city views on these old photographs haven’t changed much, sometimes they’re almost unrecognisable. In that case certain buildings or other landmarks can give you a clue. Turn the page, discover where the historic photo was shot ánd be amazed by how the exact same place looks today, as seen through the lens of photographer Kevin Faingnaert. He brought the photos of the past along with him on his trips through the city to shoot the same 50 streets and squares again in their present day form. The result are 50 remarkable before and after photos; that’s why this book isn’t just a nostalgic keepsake, but also a true conversation starter for different generations.


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  • Gent – Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 94
  • Antwerpen – Graanmarkt 2


Number of pages: 216
Dimensions: 20 x 18 cm
Binding style: hardcover
Language: Dutch

From €21.95

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