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The Kinfolk Garden


A gardener with a secret oasis on a Parisian roof. An artist making fake flowers to brighten up the apartments in Manhattan. A family of ranchers rewilding the American outback. Through 30 inspiring places, The Kinfolk Garden explores lush gardens and plant-filled houses around the world and introduces the people who make them bloom, to help you bring nature into your life.

The book sees nature as nourishment, as a place to work, play, have fun and find inspiration. Through visits to old and new friends, the secrets of a good garden and what a garden can do for your care, creativity and community are revealed. Although many believe the answer lies in following natural instincts, the book contains a lot of practical tips from experts that will help you from grow your own produce to finding artistic arrangements for your house plants that will keep them beautiful and healthy for longer.

The Kinfolk Garden is an invitation to engage with nature, take care of it, create things with its beauty and cultivate new relationships with it. It offers inspiration and guidance to anyone who wants a little more green in their lives.


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The hardcover book is written in English and has 368 pages with more than 300 full color photos. It measures 28 by 20 cm and is published by Artisan Books.


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