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Terms and conditions

You have the right to withdraw your purchase for online purchases without paying a penalty or stating a reason for the withdrawal. You must do this within 14 calendar days following the day of the delivery. The charges for returning the product are at the buyer's expense.

Company details:

PIERRE D'ANVERS (below PIET moodshop)
Graanmarkt 2
2000 Antwerpen
+32(0)468 190 713
BE 0866 686 783

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all offers from PIET moodshop. We can send you a paper copy of these terms and conditions by post on your request.

By placing an order, you acknowledge that you agree with the delivery and payment terms and conditions. PIET moodshop reserves the right to change its delivery and/or payment terms and conditions after expiry of the term.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, PIET moodshop will not recognise the general or specific conditions or stipulations of third parties.

We guarantee that the delivered product complies with the agreement and meets the specifications listed in the offer.

Delivery and delivery time

Items will be delivered until such time stocks run out. Products are delivered by Bpost to the delivery address stipulated by the buyer. If nobody is present, the courier will leave a note so the buyer can collect the parcel from the nearest post office, in accordance with Bpost regulations.

In the framework of the Distance Selling regulations, PIET moodshop shall fulfil orders within 30 days. If this is impossible (either because the ordered item is no longer on stock or can no longer be delivered) or if the delivery is delayed for other reasons, or if a delivery can only be made in part, you will receive a notice informing you of this within fourteen days of placing your order. In the event of this, you may cancel your order without default or charges.

PIET moodshop is not liable if the delivery time is exceeded due to the fault of the carrier or if products are lost or in case of a strike. The buyer is informed about the transport risks and must address all questions related to this to the carrier.


All prices include 21% VAT.

Prices shall not be increased during the term of a special offer unless this is necessary due to legal measures or if the manufacturer has raised prices during this term.

All prices on the site are subject to printing and typesetting errors. We do not accept any liability for printing or typesetting errors.


Should you have specific questions about the dimensions, colour, availability, delivery term or delivery options of a product, you can send an e-mail to info@pietmoodshop.be or call +32(0)468 190 713.

Online orders may be refused if the product has already been sold in the store prior to the online payment. You will be notified of this by e-mail.

Right of withdrawal/consideration

Pursuant to the Act of 6 April 2010 on market practices and consumer protection, you may revoke your online order within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the products. The right of withdrawal does not apply if the product and the packaging are no longer in an original, complete, undamaged and unused state.

If you do not return the delivered products to PIET moodshop after this term ends, the purchase shall be effective.

Prior to returning the goods to the shop, you must notify PIET moodshop in writing, within 7 business days after the delivery of said goods. The products must be returned in the original packaging (including all the accessories and documents) and as new. If you have used the products or they were damaged in any way, the right of withdrawal as stipulated in this provision shall lapse. With regard to what is stipulated in the previous sentence, PIET moodshop shall ensure that the full purchase price, including the shipping costs, will be reimbursed to you within 30 days after receipt of the product. Any returns of the delivered goods are your sole responsibility and are at your own risk.

Return address:

PIET moodshop (warehouse)
Nieuwlandstraat 2F2
B-9120 Melsele

+32(0)468 190 713

Data management

When placing an order with PIET moodshop, your data will be stored in our customer database. PIET moodshop complies with the provisions of the Privacy Act and will not provide your data to third parties. You can find further information about this in our privacy policy.

PIET moodshop respects your privacy and ensures that your personal information is treated confidentially.

In some cases, PIET moodshop may use a mailing list. Each mailing contains instructions for unsubscribing from this list.

Warranty and conformity

Pursuant to the Act of 21 September 2004 on consumer protection when purchasing consumer goods, the consumer has certain statutory rights. The statutory warranty period of two years is fully valid from the date of delivery.

In case of defects, the customer must contact info@pietmoodshop.be or call +32(0)468 190 713 beforehand, for products that were purchased online and delivered to the buyer's home, after which the buyer must return the product (with proof of purchase) to PIET moodshop at their own expense.

We guarantee that the products and/or services comply with the agreement, the specifications stipulated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and/or usability and the existing legal provisions and/or government regulations on the date that the agreement was concluded.

You are required to immediately check the delivered goods upon receipt. Should the delivered product prove to be wrong, inadequate or incomplete, then you must immediately notify PIET moodshop in writing of these defects (before proceeding to return them to PIET moodshop).

Any defects or faulty goods must and can be reported in writing to PIET moodshop no later than two months after delivery.

If PIET modshop deems your complaint to be justified, then it will replace the delivered goods free of charge or offer another option or reach a written agreement with you about compensation, provided that the liability of PIET moodshop and....

Special offers

Special offers are not binding unless otherwise stated in the special offer. Upon acceptance by you of a special offer, PIET moodshop reserves the right to revoke the right to the offer or deviate from it within a term of three working days after receipt of this acceptance.

Verbal commitments only become effective after PIET moodshop has confirmed these in writing.

Special offers by PIET moodshop do not automatically apply to all subsequent orders. PIET moodshop cannot be held to its offer if you should have understood that the offer or any part thereof contained an obvious mistake or error. Additions, changes and/or subsequent agreements only apply if agreed in writing.

Images and specifications

All the images, photos, drawings and so on, or information about weight, dimensions, colours, images of labels and so on that are used in the online store of PIET moodshop are only approximate, are indicative and cannot be a cause for compensation or cancellation of the agreement.

Force majeure

PIET moodshop is not liable, if and insofar as commitments are not fulfilled due to force majeure.

Force majeure is any external cause as well as any circumstance, which cannot reasonably be the responsibility of PIET moodshop. Delays or defaults by our suppliers, disruption of Internet services, power failures, disruptions of e-mail traffic and disruptions or changes to technology supplied by third parties, transport difficulties, labour strikes, government measures, supply delays, negligence by suppliers and/or manufacturers of PIET moodshop as well as auxiliaries, the illness of staff, defects of equipment or means of transportation shall explicitly be considered force majeure.

In the event of force majeure, PIET moodshop reserves the right to suspend its obligations. It is also entitled to terminate the agreement in whole or in part, or to claim that the content of the agreement is amended so execution remains possible.

In no event shall PIET moodshop have to pay any form of penalty or damages.

If, in the case of force majeure, PIET moodshop has already fulfilled its obligations in part, or can only partially fulfil its obligations, it is entitled to invoice the goods that can be/have already been delivered separately. The buyer must pay this invoice as if it were a separate contract. This does not apply, however, if the already delivered part/part to be delivered has no separate value.


PIET moodshop is not liable for any damage to vehicles or other property caused by the improper use of the products. Kindly read the instructions for use on the packaging and/or check our online store prior to using the product.

Retention of title

The title of all goods sold and delivered to you by PIET moodshop is retained by PIET moodshop as long as you have not paid the claims of PIET moodshop under the agreement or under prior or subsequent agreements. As long as you have not fulfilled the performed duties or duties that are still to be performed under these or similar agreements and as long as you have not yet paid the claims of PIET moodshop as a result of failing to comply with such agreements, including claims for penalties, interests and costs. 

Applicable law/competent court

If a dispute arises from our cooperation agreement or any agreements arising from this, we always try to solve it first with impartial arbitration. If we are unable to settle the dispute in this manner, then the courts of the district of Ghent shall settle it for us.

Both parties (e.g. you the customer and we the supplier) accept electronic communication (e.g. e-mail) as proof.

Customer service

You can reach our customer service by phone on +32(0)468 190 713, by e-mail to info@pietmoodshop.be or by post to PIET moodshop, 94, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat, 9000 Ghent.