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Mirror Marie Michielssen

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The playful mirrors by Marie Michielssen for Serax, with their large and small organic shapes, black border and reflection of the straight lines of the other sleek objects in the room, both alone and in group, create a surprising visual play on any wall.

Characteristic of the mirrors, in addition to the shape, is the use of powder-coated black steel, an "honest" material that completely fits the DNA of Serax, according to Marie.


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A: 21.5 x 21.5 cm, H 1.5 cm, weight 0.55 kg

B: 29.5 x 16 cm, H 1.5 cm, weight 0.65 kg

C: 30 x 23 cm, H 1.5 cm, weight 1.00 kg

D: 49 x 23 cm, H 1.5 cm, weight 1.63 kg

XL: 151 x 73 cm, H 1.5 cm, weight 14 kg

From €66.00

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