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Snippers are an original gift for every gin, rum or whiskey enthusiast who likes to brew and experiment with his favorite beverage.

Each glass bottle holds 4 grams of wood chips from used beverage barrels. As soon as the snippers come into contact with, for example, jenever or vodka, their taste mixes with the drink which tastes likes it has been maturing in a wooden barrel.

How to experiment with these Snippers?

Step 1: Add gin or vodka.
Step 2: Store the bottle in a cool, dark room for a few weeks.
Step 3. Pour the alcohol through a (coffee) filter before you drink it.
Step 4. Enjoy the experiment and your home-brewed beverage!


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These bottles with snippers are 21 cm high and have a diameter of 7 cm.

Each bottle has a volume of 350 ml.

From €17.50

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