Serax espresso cup and plate D6

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How does a Babylonian tower of clay become a successful tableware line? By sheer coincidence, according to Anita Le Grelle. It all started one day in 2013 when she decided to dismantle one of her old art works, a kind of Babylonian tower with stacks of cylinders and spirals, made from ceramic, wood and sand, and to reuse the clay to make a mould in the shape of a small bowl. The bowl grew and became a platter, which would then shrink back to become a plate before turning into a cup. Thus, her collection Terres De Rêves first saw the light of day.

Anita’s eclectic ceramic tableware line is characterised by in-depth detail, by a range of imperfections and peculiarities which in turn flow into a new, fragile form of perfection. A proven perfection, because with the huge success of the previously designed objects in this collection, and the popular demand for other sizes, extending the range could not be far off.

New additions to the Terres de Rêves collection are this espresso cup and matching plate which are available in different colors.


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The espresso cup is 5,1 cm high and has a diameter of 6 cm.

This plate for cups with a diameter of 6 cm is 1.2 cm high and has a diameter of 13.5 cm.

From €7.50

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