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Roomer tonicbox


Especially for the holidays, Roomer launched a new box with a bottle of Roomer and 2 tonics, the ideal drinkmix for the end of year celebrations.

Roomer and this mix is best served ice cold, shaken and with two ice cubes. This drink is a lovely aperitif, but matches your dessert table too.

Roomer is an artisan, local product made from elderflower blossoms. The drink is poured from in a round bottle of 50 cl with elegantly floating flowers.


Delivery period: 4 weeks

Dit item vind je hier:

  • Gent – Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 94


This box contains 1 bottle of 50 cl Roomer and 2 bottles of tonic.

Roomer contains 14.9% alcohol and smells of spring and zest for life.


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