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Jar with lid - oval

From €15.75

The minimalist and clean-looking containers of the Cose collection fit perfectly into anyone's interior.

The jars can just as easily be used in the kitchen, to serve the aperitif on, or as storage boxes. The rounded lines fit perfectly into the simple and refined design language of the Belgian designer Bertrand Lejoly. The handwork involved in the manufacture of these porcelain objects in off-white and off-black also ensures that Cose looks unique and certainly not sterile.





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Available in beige en dark grey

Material: porcelain
Weight: 180 g (S) and 216 g (L)

S: 10,2 x 7 x 3,3 cm
L: 10,2 x 7 x 6,5 cm

From €15.75

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