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In the Pocket Mushroom Book you will find an overview of the most beautiful mushrooms out there, it is the perfect companion for a walk in the woods. Go on the road with your booklet and write your findings between the pretty pictures and useful facts. Make a note of where you saw a certain mushroom, and see if it did indeed return the following year. Because that is what most mushrooms do, keep coming back.

Please note: the Pocket Mushroom Book is explicitly not intended to be used to distinguish the poisonous from the non-poisonous mushrooms, says author Gerard Janssen. If you want to gather mushrooms to eat, you need a professional mushroom course.

The illustrations by Maartje den Noort teach you to look better at the mushrooms that you encounter in the forest. The book helps you to study the crazy fungi carefully and to record your observations. In addition, the mushroom book contains useful drawing lessons for drawing a mushroom that you have just spotted.


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This Dutch book was first published by Snor in September 2019.

The pocket book has 111 pages.


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