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Outdoor oven


Enrich your garden or terrace with this all-rounder – fire basket, oven, barbecue grill and cooker in one – and enjoy outdoor dining and living all year round. With this outdoor oven you can bake your own pizzas, cook delicious oven dishes or use the grill rack for a barbecue.

This outdooroven is a wood-burning oven. The fire can be used for heat and ambiance or for cooking. The fire in the hearth has to burn for about 30 minutes for the oven and cooking stone to heat up for use. The top of the oven will get warm because of the heat being distributed throughout the oven. By placing a pan on top of the oven, prepared sauces or dishes can be kept warm.

The outdooroven is double walled. The space in between the walls leads the smoke away from the fire, around the oven and directly into the chimney pipe. This feature limits the amount of smoke emitted through the opening at the hearth and ensures the smoke doesn’t affect the taste of the dishes prepared in the oven.


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This outdoor oven XL weighs 55 kg and is 100 cm high (pipe included).

Included: pizza stone, barbecue grill rack and 1 meter pipe.


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