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Outdoor oven XL


The Outdooroven XL by the Dutch Weltevree is a complete outdoor kitchen for every chef. This wood burning stove has a large barbeque grill, pizza stone with closable door and a lid under which you can smoke and cook your meat, fish or vegetables.

The fire basket provides a lovely fire place and the charcoal can easily be used to barbeque. The fire in the hearth has to burn for about 30 minutes for the oven and cooking stone to heat up for use. Once the fire has transformed the wood into embers, these embers can be used as heat source for the barbecue grill. The stainless steel grill racks can be placed in several positions close to or away from the heat source. The hearth can also be used for popping and puffing potatoes or other vegetables.

The Outdooroven XL is double walled. The space in between the walls leads the smoke away from the fire, around the oven and directly into the chimney pipe. This feature limits the amount of smoke emitted through the opening at the hearth and ensures the smoke doesn’t affect the taste of the dishes prepared in the oven. The grill area can be used to add a smokey flavor when the lid is closed.


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This outdoor oven XL weighs 75 kg and is 100 cm high (pipe included).

Included: pizza stone, two barbecue grill racks, thermometer, 1 meter pipe and a charcoal slider.

Not included: chimney cowl and wooden base. These accessories can be ordered separately.


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