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Or Tea? Night At The Gentlemen's Club

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A Night at the Gentlemen's Club

Smoked Lapsang with a hint of hazelnut

Aroma: the warm, woody aroma with a nutty undertone is reminiscent of a glass of whisky by the fire.

Flavour: looking for a full, rich and bold tea? Look no further! The pronounced smoky flavour of this lapsang goes wonderfully with the gentle notes of cinnamon and hazelnut.

The story: this smoky tea brings out an unspoken side of myself. Each sip is like a night at the gentlemen's club: dark and endlessly seductive. I cherish the moments with friends by the soft candlelight. While they drink whisky and smoke cigars, we engage in boundlessly deep conversations. In the meantime, I sip my favourite tea.

Composition: black tea, Lapsang Souchong, cinnamon, cocoa husks, chicory, natural hazelnut flavour, natural biscuit flavour.


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Available in a tin with loose tea or in a box with tea bags. A box contains 10 tea bags made from bio-degradable corn starch and cotton stitching.

From €6.50

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