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No Babes


No Babes is the name of the first photo book by founder Morgane Gielen, published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, in which she photographs people who then share their taboo-breaking stories. This in order to arouse more tolerance and diversity within this society. The book was created as a photo portfolio with portraits of people with a special story about their appearance.

No Babes questions taboos and beauty standards. In this book, we will talk about big topics such as gender fluidity, body positivity, chronic diseases, and many more. We talk about different things that are often difficult to talk about or are still marginalised in this society. It is not only moving and inspiring because of all the authentic and difficult to talk about stories, but it is also very educational and a real conversation opener. We find that we can stimulate both the younger and the older generation to dare to look at certain themes or persons differently.


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Size: 23x33cm
Pages: 192
Cover: Hard cover with picture
Language: Dutch


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