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Neon Tube LED lamp

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Old-fashioned neon lamps are totally outdated thanks to HAY's durable LED lighting, because with the colorful glow of the Neon Tube LED lamps you can create an artistic atmosphere in any room. The wide range of bright colors has something for everyone and quickly gives a monotonous room a cheerful shine.

Create a completely different atmosphere in no time by hanging the lamps or leaning them upright against a wall which will put the room in a completely different daylight, or in this case, neon light. For a playful effect you can combine the different colors in an artistic lighting installation, but they can also transform any room on their own!


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 The HAY Neon Tube LED lamp has a diameter of 2.5 centimeters and a length of 150 centimeters. They are made of PC and PVC and are available in different colors: warm white, red, ice blue, pink and yellow.

From €65.00

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