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Nendo herb bottle and mortar

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Although Nendo is known for working on many projects at the same time, this is actually his first pepper and salt grinder. Typical for the Japanese designer is the humorous twist he worked into this design.

These Nendo spice bottles are actually round glass bottles with a ribbed bottom, placed on a glass holder. The idea is to pour some herbs into the container and grind it with the ribbed bottom of the bottle, after which you can use the grinded spices in your meal. A playful way of using salt, pepper or other spices at the table or during cooking.

The Nendo bottles are transparent, also a core element of Nendo's work. He wants you to view the little round herbs as raindrops through a frosted window.


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These herbal bottles are made from glass and are available in 'transparent frosted' and 'transparent sepia'.

From €28.00

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