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Muller Van Severen pepper and salt mill

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With these pepper and salt mills, the designer duo Muller Van Severen once again shows that everyday tools do not have to be purely functional and invisible.

The duo reinterpreted the classic mill by turning its two basic parts, head and cylinder, into perfect geometrical shapes: a sphere and a cube that are both equally long and thus counteract the classic proportions of a pepper and salt mill.The sculptural aspect of the mills is accentuated by the glossy finish of the sphere.

To add their typical playful touch, Muller Van Severen chose two soft colors, 'whisper white' for the salt mill and 'yellow orange' for the pepper mill.


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These mills measures 9.9 cm in height and are 4.6 cm wide.

The cube is made from ABS material, the sphere from nickel-plated stainless steel.

From €84.00

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