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Muller Van Severen - Oval table

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An oval, a circle and a rectangle: simple geometry is key to Muller Van Severen's Wooden Tables for Valerie Objects.

Muller Van Severen designed the Wooden Table series to celebrate Valerie Objects' 5th anniversary. Fien and Hannes have worked closely with the company since their earliest days, and the brand is very close to their hearts.

Featuring Muller Van Severen's characteristic use of colour and humble materials, this Valerie Objects table focuses on the interplay between the solidity of steel and the warmth of wood. Different atmospheres can be created by mixing and matching shapes, colours and wooden finishes.

The dining table's milled top sits neatly into the frame, fixing itself so that a slight elevation of 3 mm remains.


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210 x 80 x 75 cm

Frame comes in a choice of red, ivory, green or black powder-coated steel.
The top comes in a choice of birch, oak, cherry or walnut veneer.

From €3,210.00

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