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Mill & Mortar is the specialist of fine spices from Denmark. With the Latte Spices you add a spicy touch to your favourite coffee preparation: whether it is caffè latte, cappuccino or an iced coffee. Mill & Mortar introduces 3 organic, warming spice blends with a natural sweetness. The blends contain no sugar, milk powder or other additives. 100% natural! Use in both hot and cold preparations.

Add a spoonful of the Turmeric, Liquorice or Cinnemon herb blend while preparing a cup of coffee or tea. Or mix it directly into milk, chocolate milk or milk foam. Add syrup, honey or sugar to taste.


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This gift box contains 3 tins of 50g spice blend.

Turmeric: The exceptionally powerful flavour of turmeric, balanced with real cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and black pepper. We got the mustard... er... turmeric from the Sri Lankans, where Golden Milk has been part of the daily diet for centuries.

Liquorice: the typical taste of liquorice with hints of star anise, ginger, real cinnamon and allspice.

Cinnamon: For a coffee with an extra indulgent twist. In this blend, real cinnamon takes centre stage. Cinnamon Latte also contains ginger, nutmeg and a spicy touch of chilli. Be sure to try it with milk or chocolate milk.


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