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Cabbage Karma: The core of Cabbage Karma is coriander seed infused with orange oil. It also contains fennel seeds, sumac, black pepper and lemon thyme.

Gringo: This Mexican-inspired blend is perfect for making a delectable filling for your tacos, tortillas, cabbage or salad wrap. Goes well with meat, fish, vegetables and beans.

Happy Roots: Make your vegetables happy with this blend based on garlic powder, rosemary, sesame and chilli.  Also for potato dishes such as mashed potatoes, rösti, or chips.

Karl Otto: Ceps taste earthy with a touch of umami and therefore go perfectly with risotto, pearl barley, pasta and sauces. This mushroom is supported in Karl Otto by garlic, crushed parsley and blue cornflower petals.

Mermaid’s bite: This fresh blend goes well with fish, grilled vegetables or white meat. Mermaid's Bite is based on green fennel, coriander and three types of seaweed and has hints of mint and citrus. The "bite" refers to the hint of chilli in the blend.

Rasta Pasta: A spicy blend originating from Caribbean cuisine. Rasta Pasta contains notes of lemon thyme, nutmeg, garlic and paprika.  Use to flavour pasta, noodles, rice or chicken.

Ras el Hanout: Our Ras el Hanout consists of 11 spicy herbs, finished with rose petals and lavender for a sweet touch. Use with lamb, chicken, couscous, stews and tagines.

Tandoori: Our Tandoori masala is excellent in marinades, rubs and sauces and with all types of meat or fish.

Za’atar: Thyme, oregano and marjoram give the blend a spicy flavour while the sumac provides a pleasant acidity. Toasted sesame seeds give the whole a nutty flavour.


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