PIET Moodshop | Memory 'Lijk jij op je kat?'

Memory 'Lijk jij op je kat?'


Do You Look Like Your Cat? is the follow-up to the bestseller Do You Look Like Your Dog?, a hilarious game that challenges you to pair cats with their owners.

The bond between man and cat goes further than you think. We often have the same characteristics as our pets and it's not exceptional that we even look like our furry best friends. Photographer and cat lover Gerrard Gethings and journalist Debora Robertson incorporated those often remarkable similarities in a classic board game that young and old enjoy: memory!

Match the owners with their cute four-legged friends and test your memory with this fun game that consists of fifty cards with hilarious pictures of people and their feline doubles.

This is the perfect gift for cat lovers, and fans of Do You Look Like Your Dog?




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This game consists of a box with 50 cards.

The box is 14,4 cm long and 10 cm wide.

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