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Marvis toothpaste

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This rich, creamy luxury toothpaste not only gives you the image of a hipster, but also an intense taste sensation!

The toothpaste is available in several flavors, including three different mint variations based on alum powder. The Marvis toothpaste gently polishes the teeth without damaging the enamel or gums. In addition, it repairs the teeth in their original color, removing stains from coffee, tobacco, tea, wine, ....

Not only a fan of mint, but also of cinnamon? Then the 'Cinnamon' with its mix of both herbs might be your thing! Looking for something even more special? Then try the 'Licorice' version, a result of a collaboration with liquorice producer Amarelli. This toothpaste has a pronounced and seductive aroma based on that licorice in combination with mint.

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Each Marvis tube contains 75 ml of tooth paste.
From €9.50

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