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Maarten Baas - Lounger

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After creating a myriad of tableware for valerie_objects, Maarten Baas designed a collection of outdoor chairs and a table.

The starting point was similar to every object he creates, making a fully functional design piece that looks like it has been sketched by hand. In this way Baas redefined the typical outdoor furniture consisting of metal frames and wooden slats by sketching the slats with a pencil on paper and then meticulously recreating them in real life. The result is very Maarten Baas: design that seems to be drawn by a child. 

The lounge chair is the perfect place to sit and read a book in the sun or to doze off in the shade.


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  • Gent – Hippoliet Lippensplein 22


Made of powder-coated aluminium and available in three colours: white, black and yellow

Available from June

From €490.00

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