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LUCA bag

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Since 2001, the Berlin lifestyle brand Ucon Acrobatics has been designing bags and backpacks for men and women based on the values of creativity, innovation and ethical production. Their creations are quality pieces with a preference for simplicity and usability.

The urban multifunctional bag with three separate inner pockets ensures that the important things of daily use are always at hand. A folding pocket for tablets makes Luca Bag an innovative companion on the go.

The outer layer of the black LUCA is made from recycled PET bottles and has a water-repellent finish based on environmentally-friendly silicone. This material is combined with PU on the outside of the mustard-colored LUCA. On the inside, a durable coating makes the fabric waterproof and provides extra robustness.

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This bag is 40 cm long, 19 cm high, 9 cm deep and has a volume of 2.5 liter.

Emptied, the mustard bag weighs 500 gr, the black bag 290 gr.

From €59.99

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