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Loop earplugs


Protect your ears with the Loop earplugs which help you experience great sound reducing volume without sacrificing sound clarity. You'll hear sound as it was intended, just less loud while making sure you look great.

Loop offers a 20 decibel equal sound reduction without distortion. Its build-in acoustic channel replicates the function of your ear canal making sure music and speech remain clear. With Loop, you'll protect your hearing without ruining your experience.

Your ears are as unique as your finger print. That's why each set of Loop, comes with six different pairs of ear tips: a foam and silicone variant in three different sizes: small, medium and large.


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In each box, you’ll find two Loops, six different pairs of ear tips (memory foam ear tips in size S-M-L and silicone ear tips in size S-M-L), a protective pouch and a short user manual.

Loop is 3D-printed in hypoallergic plastic. The ear tips come in both silicone and memory foam. The protective pouch is made from artificial leather.

Wipe the earplugs clean with a damp cloth as needed. Do not use alcoholic wipes or other harsh chemicals and do not immerse Loop in water.

Always store Loop in its protective pouch. Loop was designed to last many years and parties but for hygienic reasons, we suggest replacing the ear tips after 3-6 months of use. Replacement tips can be found here .


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