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Laps candle holder

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These candle holders were designed by Alain Gilles for XL Boom, a Belgian design brand founded in 1997 by Geert-Jan Van Cauwelaert and Ann De Cock. XL Boom develops well-thought-out, handmade design for indoors and outdoors where sleek, timeless lines go together with innovation and quality.

Alain Gilles has a thing for the mystical universe. After referring to the planets with his Orbital candle holder, the circular lines of the Lapse candle holder evokes the apparent motion of stars at night trough a time laps. Just like a star that shines brightly, this candle holder creates the right atmosphere when burning a candle.

The candle holder is a stylized piece that is designed to capture the light even when not in use. After all candle holders in our home spend more time in standby mode than holding a lit candle.

Its name derives from the fact that as the candles consumes itself, especially towards the end, the shadow it casts on the “steps” of the candleholder becomes bigger and bigger and little by little makes the “steps” darker and darker, as if marking the passing of time…


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This candle holder is 9.8 cm high and has - at its widest point - a diameter of 11.5 cm.

From €70.00

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