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Climbing support for plants

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Let your plants grow in style with this modular climbing support by the Dutch Sprout. If you use all parts the chain will be 190 cm long. Attach it to your wall with a nail, screw or pin and your plant is ready to go!

The brass climbing support was finished with a protective coating so that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Over time the brass chain will develop a lovely patina but can be repolished to its original shine.

This climbing support looks amazing with flowering vines such as clematis, jasmine or passion fruit. Prefer something greener? What do you think about ivy, pothos or a classic monstera? Wisteria and grape vines are a perfect choice for outdoor use.


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The chain weighs 90 grams and is packed in a flay way. The package is 22 cm long, 16 cm wide and 1 cm high.
Fully assembled the chain is 190 cm long.

Available in black or gold.

From €22.00

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