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Kikiki scent sticks + sharpener


The unique Japanese KiKiKi concept is a new way to enjoy the refreshing natural fragrance and beauty of wood.

KiKiKi gives fresh inspiration by stimulating the senses with fragrances from the world of trees where each tree has its own unique grain, color and fragrance.

The sound and feel of turning the Kohitsu brings back childhood memories while the scent of the forest can change your mood entirely.


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In this Kikiki set you will find a wallnut tray and sharpener ánd 3 Kohitsu or wooden sticks.

  • 1x HINOKI (coniferous tree)

The wood from this tree has been used since ancient times to build shrines and temples. It has a strong resistance to moisture and a beautiful texture. Hinoki carries the cool scent of pure forest air. To start the day, or for a pick-me-up at work, or to concentrate on what’s important.

  • 1x SUGI (coniferous tree)

The wood from this tree is a constant in Japanese life, as it is among the most well-loved of building, ship and sake cask materials. Sugi wood has a refreshing woody scent, to relax your body and mind. To relax during a tea break, after a meal, or at bedtime.

  • 1x HIBA (coniferous tree)

This wood is used to safeguard a home against bacteria or pests. Hiba wood has a fresh scent, like a therapeutic walk in the forest, to ease your emotions. To cheer and refresh both mind and body, for inspiration and energy.


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