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Beyond generalizations and clichés, Japan-expert Luk Van Haute paints a picture of Japanese society, which is much more diverse than some would believe. Based on more than thirty years of personal encounters and experiences, he sheds light on how the Japanese deal with foreigners, with neighboring countries, with minorities, with their past of war and with the role of the emperor.

Van Haute takes us back and forth in time from the harsh north to the tropical south, from the metropolis to the areas hit by earthquakes and tsunamis, from the university to the army base, from subcultures to the sumoring, from the homeless to the super-rich.

A personal portrait of Japan by one of the greatest connoisseurs in the Western countries.


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This Dutch book was first published by Lannoo Publishers in April 2019.

The paperback measures 14 by 21 cm and has 320 pages.


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