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Hierbas de las Dunas

  • Hierbas de las Dunas is a dune distillate of eighteen types of herbs, flowers and plants from the dunes in Cadzand. 
  • And although distillates are usually made with dried ingredients, Chef Syrco Bakker (Pure C, Cadzand) chose to exclusively use fresh ingredients. 
  • From marsh samphire to rocket, the berries and branches of sea buckthorn and rose hips, sea fennel as well as thyme.
  • All these herbs lend Hierbas de las Dunas its unique salty-sweet taste, making it a perfect aperitif, digestif or cocktail ingredient. 
  • You can taste the sea, the dunes and Zeeland…

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50 cl.
28% vol. 

Can be had pure, on the rocks or in a cocktail with some tonic and a squeeze of lime juice for example.


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