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HIBI gift box

  • Burn the match and let the scents transport you to Eastern Asia.
  • These fragrant sticks with five special aromas will burn for ten minutes.
  • Hibi is a fusion of two centuries-old crafts.
  • The traditional incense of Awaji and matches from Harima.
  • You can also buy HIBI 10 minutes aroma separately here.

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  • Gent – Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 94


This gift set contains the five Hibi 10 minutes aromas and an exclusive mat to burn the match.
Every box contains 8 matches.

Take a look at the instruction video to understand how Hibi works.

001 Lemongrass
- The sweet, bitter-sweet fragrance of lemon and something that reminds you of a large, green meadow. The epitome of freshness.
  -  For when you need a clean, clear mind.

002 Lavender
- An elegant floral scent.
  - For times when you need to soothe your mind or when you are going to bed.

003 Geranium
- A scent that mixes the sweetness of roses with a hint of greenery.
  - For when you want to restore the balance of an uncertain, troubled mind.

004 Ylang Ylang
- A slightly exotic scent, which is deliciously sensual.
 - To relieve tension and for a deep sense of fulfilment.

005 Tea Tree
- A spicy scent, that is refreshingly cool.
  - For when you want to eliminate feelings of frustration or depression and need some reviving.


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