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HAY Rope Trick lamp


The Rope Trick lamp designed by Stefan Diez is truly a unique piece of design craftsmanship. Due to its progressive design, it was selected for inclusion in the permanent collection of design objects of the MoMA, Museum of Modern Art located in Manhattan, New York.

Its innovative construction integrates LED technology within a dynamic new tailored form, and is made from a range of modern materials, including an internal plastic skeleton and woven PET for the light’s arm, molded ABS for the base, and a specially designed aluminium LED module for dissipating heat. The acrylic shade can slide along the neck of the light in a flexible way. This allows diffused light to be directed to different places in a room, producing a range of effects from a low-level ambient light to full brightness. The dimmer with memory adds to the sense that this design is at the vanguard of lighting technology.


Delivery period: 4 weeks

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  • Gent – Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 94


170 x 33 x 18 cm with a cord of 250 cm


Plastic Acryl, woven PET, molded ABS and an aluminium LED module.


With an integrated led lamp and stepless touch dimmer.


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