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HAY long mix candles

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The beautiful, colourful, long candles by Danish brand HAY are guaranteed to add atmosphere to your interior. Thanks to their original shape and extensive colour palette, they are not only meant to burn, but can also be used as decorative elements in their own right. With the sets, a stylish colour palette has been composed for you, and there is enough choice that there will always be a set that fits you and your interior. Combine different sets for an extra colourful whole.

A set contains 6 candles in 3 different colours, and you can choose between twisted and spiral versions. They are handmade in Italy and each one lasts no less than seven hours, so you can enjoy the burning process for a long time. If you prefer not to light them, they can serve as decorative eye-catchers.


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The candles have a diameter of 2.6 cm and are 29 cm long and are available in the following colour combinations:

- Dark Peach - Dark Rose - Light Rose
- Green - Dark Rose - Tangerine
- Light Rose - Mauve - Light Grey
- Lilac - Light Blue - Dark Peach
- Mint - Light Grey - Green
- Sky Blue - Light Blue - Vintage Blue

From €35.00

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