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Hanging Flower Bubble

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The Hanging Flower Bubble collection is a series of vases in solid coloured glass, all easily hung up in the enclosed leather cord. The vases are designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen and have a light and simple expression that fits into most homes.

Hanging vases are a beautiful and different way to decorate with flowers and plants and float in the air creating a beautiful effect in your room. The floating design highlights the vase's minimalist and organic shape but also gives a sculptural expression - especially in the company of the season's fresh flowers. 

The vase is transparent and when the light falls on it, it will cast beautiful shadows on your wall and highlight the small bubbles in the water in the bottom of the vase. The window or any other bright place works best with the vase. However, it is also very decorative as part of the picture wall with a dried flower or a paper flower. 



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The bubble vases are made of mouth-blown borosilicate glass, heat-resistant and do not easily become scratched.
They come with a 1m leather cord for hanging.

SmallØ 8 cmopening 15 mm     
Medium  Ø 11 cm  opening 20 mm 


Small is available in amber, blue, cyan, rose, smoke, transparent or yellow
Medium is available in amber, blue, cyan, rose, smoke, transparent, yellow, purple or green

From €33.00

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