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Half a pound sliced steel - Coasters

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The Belgian design studio Atelier Belge develops and creates timeless design. They maintain high quality standards and environmental awareness is an important factor. Everything is made in their workshop in Westmalle!

"Half a pound sliced steel" is a set of three funky colorful steel coasters. They are cut by the house blacksmith from heavy steel construction beams. A great way to make something beautiful out of something no longer used.

The set is available in 2 color combinations.


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nr.1: L120 x W120 x H10
nr.2 :L140 x W140 x H10
nr.3: L160 x W160 x H10

Weight: 250g

The set is available in two colour combinations:

  • Steel blue - Patina green - Signal yellow
  • Violet red - Old pink - Brick orange
From €89.00

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