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Good Hair Day Pasta & Sauce

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Greenomic is a German brand that fully embodies a passion for food. Their requirements? To always be able to check the origin and quality of the food down to the last detail and, thanks to Greenomic, to give everyone a great eating experience. Their original packaging will make you hungry instantly! The ideal gift for your hungry fellow man.


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The Greenomic selection of Good Hair Day Pasta consists of:
BIO Spaghetti, Tricolore Spaghetti, Bio Fettucine, Butterfly, Tagliatelle Al Tartufo, Treccia Al Peperoncino en Treccia d'Oro, Sugo

Two types of tomato sauces are also available:
Sugo Pomodoro Al Basilico en Sugo Pomodoro Ai Funghi Porcini

From €7.00

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