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Goa koffielepel

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The Portuguese Cutipol produces sophisticated collections of cutlery that are both practical and beautiful to use and are a favorite of designers and party planners around the world. Instagrammers around the world use the beautiful cutlery in their styling pictures and personalities, such as Wallpaper Magazine or Remodelista, have also noticed them.
This special coffee spoon is made of the highest quality stainless steel with a golden finish. The pink, white or black handle is made of synthetic resin.

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This spoon consists of 8/10 matt stainless steel with brushed finish and 24-carat gold plated coating complemented by a resin handle.

This spoon is 12 cm long and 3 cm wide.

Preferably wash the cutlery by hand. Wash food remains away with a mild detergent in warm water as soon as possible after use. In doing so, avoid the use of cleaning agents containing chlorine or limestone. Do not use abrasive materials when washing the cutlery.

From €11.50

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