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Goa 75 pcs cutlery set

From €895.00

This 75-piece cutlery set from the Portuguese brand Cutipol is perfect for those who like a little extra something.

The cutlery is described as the result of the best of Western and Eastern design. Available in subtle silver or more striking gold.

The minimal and precise cutlery is designed to be ergonomically pleasant for both small and large hands.

This elegant cutlery helps you bring every dinner to the next level.

These 75 pieces come in a beautiful wooden case.


Look below for the specific features.


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Remove the cutlery from the dishwasher as soon as possible to prevent corrosion.

To keep the handle nice and dark looking: use ordinary moisturizing lotion.

12 table knives
12 table forks
12 table spoons
12 dessert knives
12 dessert forks
12 tea spoons
  1 soup ladle
  1 serving spoon
  1 serving fork

From €895.00

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