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Glass Oil Bubble

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Candles typically belong in the darkest months of the year, but the new collection of round glass oil candles from Studio About will grace any table, windowsill or bookshelf all year round.

The round, organic shape floats on a stand of stained glass, adding lightness and elegance to your decor. The different colour combinations add a fresh touch to the decor and will fit in a Nordic, stylish home, but also in a home with more colours and tones on the walls and interior.

Taking inspiration from the small coloured bubble vases and the glass oil candles, a beautiful fusion has been created here. "With our new oil candles, we want to push the boundaries of how we decorate with candles and offer all interior-loving people a healthier alternative," says designer and architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen.



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The candles are mouth-blown and made of coloured borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is an extremely strong type of glass that can withstand temperature shocks, so you don't have to worry about the glass cracking. The material is also scratch-resistant, which means the light will stay nice for a long time.   

The glass candles in this collection are available in 5 colour combinations and 2 different heights: blue/yellow, amber/pink, yellow/blue, and smoke/smoke and pink/green. Each colour combination adds a unique touch to the interior.

The glass candle is filled with lamp oil, with the corresponding small funnel.  

Low   Ø 80 mm   Height: 50mm   Available in blue, rose or smoke
Tall Ø 80 mm  Height: 80mmAvailable in amber or yellow
From €47.00

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