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Glacier puzzle


The unique puzzles from the Swedish brand Printworks are the perfect interior detail in any stylish home. The company strives to create functional everyday products with a fresh aesthetic twist, so people don't have to put them away. A utensil like a puzzle that is normally stored away after use is transformed into an art object that you always want to have on display in your home. After use, don't hide the fun puzzles in a drawer, but use them to decorate your bookcases or coffee table, so they are always available. In this way, they give your interior an original touch and are within reach so you will use them more often.


This beautifully designed puzzle consists of 500 pieces, which together represent one of the wonders of nature: a glacier. The puzzle belongs to the "Wonder of Nature" series that highlights the most beautiful hidden treasures of nature.


Relax as the natural landscape comes to life before your eyes, feel the nostalgia of solving a puzzle together with your partner, play the classic game with your children or put the heads of your friends together. Or make a puzzle lover looking for a creative challenge happy with this ideal gift!


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The finished puzzle is 52 cm long and 38 cm wide.


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