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  • Ginderella gin is a bit of an outsider in the gin world. 
  • The flavours of most gins are based on dried aromas. 
  • Ginderella, however, only uses fresh herbs such as kaffir lime and Herb Robert. 
  • All the fresh ingredients, except for the pepper, are harvested in Ghent. 
  • This gin has a full-bodied pure taste, and a mild, refreshing finish.
  • 40% / 70 cl.

Delivery period: 4 weeks

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  • Gent – Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 94


The Heyneman brothers from Ghent. Geert Heyneman, an urban ecologist who has an excellent knowledge of plants and weeds, took a distillation course, and combined these skills with his experience as a botanist and culinary fan. His brother Jan is in charge of the commercial aspect, making sure that Ginderella is distributed in all the right places. The two brothers complement each other nicely, a perfect serve. 


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